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Since Election Day, I've been trying to find all the various efforts to take action ( and wanted to get your thoughts on a specific idea: (deck). The gist is a Kayak/Expedia/Orbitz for civic engagement whereby any user can seamlessly: 1) advocate on multiple issues to policymakers at the city, county, state, and federal levels; 2) support candidates up and down the ballot; 3) register to vote and canvass to help others register; 4) engage the private sector to support the relevant issues; and 5) empower the user with skill-building and community-building opportunities. * One-Pager (in process): * Technical specifications: - Action Map - Technical Specifications - Mobile Application - Action Map - Technical Specifications - Website / Map - Action Map - Technical Specifications - Database of Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

AFX Dance


Create a website that allows admins of different levels in AFX Dance to organize their audition process and pick dancers.

For AFX Dance

Alz About Me


An app that allows Alzheimer's patients to document their memories in response to questions via text and video



Online communication platform for research, activism and discussion of issues related to the Arctic

For BizWorld



AtRisk helps Orinda Police Department manage profiles of high risk patients in their community who might get lost. It also helps the police department to organize searches for missing persons more effectively in times of emergency.

Bail Reform at Berkeley

A digital platform for criminal justice reform that seeks to raise awareness, call to action, and provide all-encompassing resources.


Match undergraduates with research opportunities

Berkeley MarketPlace Berkeley Marketplace is a SaaS that serves as a C2C platform that enables Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Affiliates perform Buy&Sell. It is can be consider as the new Craiglist with state-of-the art UI/UX, a glorified Facebook Buy/Sell Group that is only accessible by Berkeley Community, implemented with a pure RESTful microservices architecture.

Berkeley Student Food Collective

The Berkeley Student Food Collective is a grocery store and an educational non-profit with a mission to provide fresh, local, healthy, environmentally sustainable, and ethically produced food at affordable prices to the Berkeley campus and greater community. We seek to educate students about nutrition and food systems, empower new leaders, and train youth to work in and manage a sustainable, democratic business. We are looking to create a database of other vendors/products/farms that we sell in the store, with information attached to each of them that our members could update in an ongoing fashion. The idea would be — could we allow our customers to search for a brand, and have member-created content to show Food Collective written text, multimedia, and additional information about the company in an interface that would work on the web and potentially on an in-house tablet (we may have grant money that can be allocated toward hardware).

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